You shouldn’t need to Change to Belong.





This morning when I sat in front of my blank page and waited for the inspiration to come, it didn’t.

This doesn’t happen too often, thankfully, but it happens enough for me to have a stand by solution always in place. The solution is usually in the form of Brene Brown’s writings. No matter how unstuck I am, her words can usually find their way through, and today was no different.

I love this quote of hers about belonging and how to truly belong you don’t need to change WHO you are, you don’t need to change anything, but you just need to BE who you truly are. The simplicity of the sentiment doesn’t hide the complexity of the follow through, I realise that. Being who you truly are is not that easy. In fact it can be bloody hard.

I know because I struggle with it myself from time to time. I’m a recovering people pleaser and so it has taken me considerable time to get to a point where I feel comfortable being my true self so much more.

It’s perfectly okay to be afraid of letting your real self be seen. You worry that others may be surprised by what they might see. But they won’t. You deny what feels right to you in favour of what you know will feel right to everyone else. You conform.

It is safer and because it feels safer, you feel safer. Only you aren’t.

This feeling of safety is not real because it is not in alignment with who you are.

What I can tell you is that, that feeling of knowing you are showing up as your true authentic self, is second to none. Honestly, it is empowering and liberating to know that you feel good enough in yourself, with yourself to allow others to see through the mask.

If you crave belonging then it is the only way you will ever feel like you truly belong because it will involve letting the barriers down, putting your fears aside and just being the person you are inside, outside.

Those who love you, who you belong with, will appreciate this and more importantly they will appreciate you.


Niamh xx


PS I want to help you feel free being you and allowing others see the real you.

I want to assist you with releasing what is holding you back. Your fears, your limiting beliefs, the stories you have told yourself, the hurt, the pain and the disappointments. It’s time to let them go.

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