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What is it, truthfully, that we are all in search of?

  • To have a clear vision?
  • To be at peace with who we are and what we are doing with our lives?
  • To feel connected with our soul, our mind, our spirit?
  • To believe in ourselves?
  • To love and be loved?
  • To have financial abundance?
  • To follow what we believe to be our true soul purpose, what we were meant to do?
  • To be free to express ourselves honestly and be our authentic selves?
  • To know we are truly living our best lives?


That’s a good list isn’t it? Does something jump out at you?

Knowing what we are looking for is just as important as getting it.

Without an end destination in mind, we cannot possibly know how to start planning our route.

But we can assume that no matter where our final destination is located we need to make some changes to get there.

And that’s where I come in.

My life has been full of change. Some I’ve chosen – most I didn’t.  But I’ve discovered over the years that I’m really, really, really good with

Change and that many of the principles that apply to one type of life change, can serve you well when it comes to pretty much all types of



So what is it you think you’d like to Change?


Your career, your lifestyle, your financial situation, your friendships, your home, your health or your relationships?


Have you been thinking about wanting to change but being a little bit stuck because you just don’t know where to start?

Are you worried what others, those around you, might say if they see you looking to make changes?

Are you afraid you might upset them? Are you scared you might fail, or worse, that you might succeed.


Well, you’re not unusual if this is what has been stopping you. So many people let fear stop them, they allow themselves get in their own

way and say ‘I’ll get round to it when things are easier…’ and guess what? That never happens!


Change is a simple process.


But it has its own complications too, and navigating those, getting past the fears that are blocking you, the limiting beliefs, the stories you

keep telling yourself – this is what stops most people from following through with their Change.


Don’t let them stop you.


I know Change very well. I don’t hide behind my qualifications, because I also have first-hand direct and personal experience of both good

Change and bad Change and I believe all of those Changes are what makes me so good at helping others. I understand Change but I also

understand the obstacles that come hand in hand with Change. I’m prepared for everything!


Mindset is a critical part in all types of Change.


To create sustainable and lasting change we will more than likely need to change our mindset.

Some people find the notion of ‘mindset’ a little bit too new-agey for their tastes. I get that.

So I normally tell my clients to think of Mindset similar to Attitude.

If you have a bad, negative attitude you can only expect bad, negative outcomes. And reversely if you have an open, positive attitude great

things can happen. But it’s not about changing your attitude for a day or a week. It’s about changing it forever. And to do that we have to

put in a lot of work at the beginning and also be willing to do some daily top up work to avoid it slipping. But it’s worth it.


A genuine Client Testimonial

Although I went to her searching for change, looking to identify something else I could do with my life, wanting to throw in the towel with my current career due to my perceived mediocrity, she helped me realise that I didn't necessary need – nor really want – a complete change. What was required was a change to my habits and to my outlook so that I could appreciate what I have, what I love, and what it is I'm good at in my work. She also made me take stock of where I have been and refocus so I could remember where I had wanted to go.

She made me acknowledge my achievements and use them to fuel my future progress. But she also gave me homework and actual, practical, goal-orientated tasks – don't let me fool you into thinking this was some woo-woo type guidance without identification of monetary needs or practical considerations. We talked real talk and made plans for the real world!

Throughout the sessions (I had four spread out over a few weeks) Niamh was like the brilliant friend that is always on your side but without the burden of having to be cautious with her findings or observations. Think of the most positive and encouraging pal you have, only then add straight talking and meaningful, unbiased advice. I can genuinely say I am so much happier since meeting with Niamh and from spending time with her over our sessions and emails in between – she always followed up with some thoughts or encouragement and it meant so much to know what she genuinely cared. I will miss our scheduled chats but plan on booking some follow up sessions down the line to keep on track.

She is now one of the people I want to tell when something good happens so hopefully, that will give you some idea of what a positive, wonderful impact she had on me. Thanks so much for everything Niamh – you are so good at what you do. And you're an absolute gem of a human xxx"


I wanted Change long before I made it happen.


I wanted a different career. I wanted to experience living in a different country. I wanted to do things differently. I wanted all those things

BUT I needed change.


There was quite a period of time between me “wanting” to change career and doing it! Planning is a key part of any Changing process, but

once I committed to WANTING that Change, everything in my life felt different. It already felt better.

I was finally doing something about it and not just talking about doing something about it.



  • Have 3 x 1:1 VIP Sessions
  • 4 x Live Trainings on Facebook in our Private Facebook Group
  • Live Q & A session
  • Private access to me via Whatsapp / Email during working hours.
  • Exclusive access to Mindset Exercises, Journaling Prompts etc each week.




Put simply, it’s for you, if you are absolutely sure you want Change. That’s all you need to bring with you a commitment to Change.

I’ll provide everything else…

  • Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to change to…we will figure that out.
  • Don’t worry if you are scared stiff of what it will all mean…I get that.
  • Don’t worry if you feel alone – you’re not anymore
  • AND don’t worry if you are afraid of what others will think or say – they’re going to think what they think regardless…so let them.




Normally, we will talk the costings through on our first call. But to demonstrate how serious I am about making your Change happen, there

will be no forward and back on this one.

The cost for this 28 Day Life Changer Programme is €648.

Everything is included in this rate and I honestly believe this to be excellent value. Just €648 to get your life on a different track, the track

you've wanted for quite a while now! So if you are ready to invest in yourself then get in touch. It will feel aligned or it won't. Don't overthink



Take the leap and get in touch with me on or PM me on Facebook.


I'm accepting applications from just 7 women in July. 

7 women hungry and READY for Change.

7 Life Changers.

Also, just to note that starting dates can be staggered to allow for holidays!

The best time for Change is always now. And that’s not going to Change!




An Intuitive Coach and Mentor, Niamh has 27 years as a Communications professional. During this time she has worked for PR Agencies, National Charities and founded and led her own Communications & Fundraising Consultancy.

She is the holder of a degree in English & Philosophy, a post graduate in Public Relations, a Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy and an Advance Diploma in Life, Executive & Leadership Coaching.

She has been working as The Change Coach and Mindset Mentor since 2016.

She knows Change.


Niamh xx

The Change Coach | Mindset Mentor    




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