CAREER Changer

Let me ask you something …

  • Have you found yourself increasingly unchallenged at work? Bored even?
  • Are you fed up hearing yourself ask ‘Is this it’ or ‘Have I left it too late?
  • Are you too scared to leave because you wouldn’t even know where to go
  • Do you look at others with envy and think If only I knew my real purpose!

I was that soldier! Let me help you now to get it right by working together and creating your best personalised plan to get you where you want and need to get to.

According to a recent report by Forbes & Morgan McKinley the average 35 year old will change jobs 8 to 10 times before they are 42 and Change Career 6 to 8 times before they retire.

So why then are we afraid to break from ‘the norm’ and follow our dreams and our passions. The definition of a ‘permanent pensionable job' belongs in a different era.

Surely as we get older we have a clearer idea of what lights us up inside as opposed to feeling we need to settle in the job or career we are in? We have a better sense of purpose and we need to listen to what this is.

The challenge of Changing Career however is not to be downplayed – it requires clarity, courage, confidence and competence.

But it is entirely possible and with a proper strategy in place and some careful planning the outcome can prove to be the ultimate reward.

I can help you …

  • Get CLARITY and find your real purpose and the Career you’ve always wanted but were too scared to pursue, until now.
  • Create a Plan for MASSIVE ACTION– so that you can plan to leave your current job without feeling like you’re throwing everything away.
  • Be CONFIDENT in yourself and your ability to live the live you really do deserve.
  • Believe in your own COMPETENCE. Upskill if necessary, but know that you are more than enough!

My 1:1 Programmes have been created

to ensure the following outcomes:


Find your Real Purpose

What career do you dream of working in and discover how can we make that happen for you. Exploring all possibilities including entrepreneurship, freelancing or being a happy employee.


Eradicate fear or self-doubt

This is your time. You are taking the power back and you know it’s never too late to create a happier life and as a result a happier you!


Create detailed Career Plan

Using my unique and proven approach, that will make you accountable and will ensure you take Massive Action. 

Sign up for my Kickstarter Programme!

  • Through my unique and personalised 1:1 programme I will work with you to gain the CLARITY you need through honest, (often direct) and professional advice in a safe and open environment.
  • Together we will unveil your COURAGE to take massive action and put a detailed outcome – driven plan in place.
  • By using a combination of both Planning and Accountability sessions I will guarantee that you have the desire and the knowledge of what needs to be done next. And that you do it!

There will be no gently, gently. Be warned. If you come to me I’m taking it that you WANT change.


Together we will make that happen. Providing a healthy mix of tough love, solid advice and honesty while building your confidence, your knowledge and your belief in your own self-worth.


Work 1:1 with Niamh

I’m ready to make the Change Now!


I’m willing to put in the work required.


I will commit to 6 Weeks to Kickstart my Career.


The time is right for me to invest in myself and my business.