• Have you experienced a loss but are now struggling to put back the pieces of your life together in your new and changed world?
  • Do you feel your friends and family are starting to feel fed up listening to you and that they just can’t understand what you are feeling, given that there has been so much change in your life?
  • Have other areas of your life lost their sparkle too such as work, relationships and your health?
  • Do you just want your ‘old self’ back but don’t know where to start?

You want to move on but just feel so damned guilty? 


If you’re searching for personalised and practical advice on how to move forward without feeling guilty then let’s talk. 


I’ve been where you are and I know it’s not easy but I also know with some gentle planning in an open and safe environment you can start to let go of the guilt and prepare a new reality for yourself without forgetting the past.


In my 1:1 Programme, I will…

  • Provide you with a safe, warm and confidential environment that will allow you to speak freely and openly.
  • Gently working with you to plan so that you can start looking forward and slowly remove the guilt you are experiencing.
  • Discover what brings joy back into your life and create a plan to allow you tap into that feeling once again.
  • Show you that while your life has changed it doesn’t mean it can’t be good again, that you can’t be good again.
  • Work with you to generate personalised coping mechanisms for the future.

When Change is Forced upon us…

When people think of Change they think of change we wish for, change we want, and they forget that for many of us change has also been forced upon us, unwillingly and unexpectedly. In most cases we are badly prepared and ill-equipped to deal with the new reality this change brings into our lives – probably because we hadn’t planned for it and also because we don’t like it what it represents.


This area of Change covers redundancy, illness, divorce and what I am going to help you with – bereavement or loss. We know that there is a process we need to undergo to cope with change and in the case of bereavement we know that this is called the Grieving Process. I am not a Bereavement Counsellor and would urge you to speak with one if you find you need to. I know I did and found it to be of enormous support.


However, what I would like to help you with is the aftermath of bereavement. Your world changes the minute you learn of your loss. Your life as you knew it will never be the same again. Getting used to the new life takes time, patience and a lonely journey of understanding and acceptance. Lonely, because nobody but you can make you come to terms with your new world –

…it’s your journey.


Sign up for my Kickstarter Programme!

  • Through my unique and personalised 1:1 programme I will work with you to gain the CLARITY you need through honest, (often direct) and professional advice in a safe and open environment.
  • Together we will unveil your COURAGE to take massive action and put a detailed outcome – driven plan in place.
  • By using a combination of both Planning and Accountability sessions I will guarantee that you have the desire and the knowledge of what needs to be done next. And that you do it!

There will be no gently, gently. Be warned. If you come to me I’m taking it that you WANT change.


Together we will make that happen. Providing a healthy mix of tough love, solid advice and honesty while building your confidence, your knowledge and your belief in your own self-worth.


Work 1:1 with Niamh

I’m ready to make the Change Now!


I’m willing to put in the work required.


I will commit to 6 Weeks to Kickstart my Career.


The time is right for me to invest in myself and my business.