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I get so cross when I see posts or articles saying ‘Just do this and you will get this. It’s so simple’ especially from ‘leaders / gurus / experts’

claiming that it’s as easy as pie to make your first six figure sum, or to build your email list to 1000, or whatever stupid claim that they are

making today.


But I get even more cross, when I see people claiming that it’s easy to turn your life around, to make changes. God, if it was easy we would

all be doing it and then we wouldn’t need to use the word ‘change’ because it wouldn’t be change, it would be just what we do. You still with



Now, a disclaimer needs to be put down here from the start. If you have been following me here, or indeed on my blog

(niamhennis.com/blog) then I apologise profusely if my witterings ever gave you the impression that I think it’s easy to change how we

think, feel or act.


Because I really don’t.


I think Changing how we are, is the single biggest challenge we face throughout the course of our lives. Knowing we want something more,

or to be something different, and not knowing where to start with it, is really tough. But, equally, knowing the answers for HOW to change

and then NOT changing is way harder.


I tell my clients often, that if they are committing to change it needs to be a life-long commitment. Often they aren’t happy to hear that

and I get it.


I’d love to think a couple of weeks journaling and meditating would sort me out and, you know what, sometimes it will, but inevitably as one

foot follows the other, that thing that pulls you back will reappear and chances are it will be stronger the next time and the next time after



Working on ourselves – whether it’s for something practical, like changing our job or something deeply personal, like opening ourselves up to

love whatever end of the spectrum you are aiming for, requires consistent behaviour in order to achieve it.


What that behaviour looks like varies from person to person, but it might be that you need to meditate, visualise, journal, practice gratitude,

set intentions, repeat affirmations, exercise, draw, create, pray, dance whatever it is going to take to shake your inner self awake – then

that’s exactly what you need to do.


And then you need to repeat it every day until it becomes part of your daily routine, much like brushing your hair. It won’t require a massive

time commitment, once you get in your stride, but it will require you deciding that you want to change enough to introduce a new daily

practice into your routine.


But it’s not easy and I’m not pretending it is. I never want to pretend that it is. But what you will see me repeat over and over is that it is

incredibly worth any effort you need to make in order for Change to happen. Change is incredible, it feels incredible and we feel incredible

having done it.


Yet, we all falter from time to time.


There are days I think ‘god this is easy’ – wake up journal, meditate, go for mindful walk, exercise and then start my day. But there are

PLENTY of days I wake up – attempt to journal and go straight back to sleep again.



Anyone that tells you they never falter is just not speaking their truth.


And the big question following on from this, I’m guessing is, ‘can you still achieve your goals even when you falter?’


Hell, YES!


Of course, you can.


You do know that it is not the times that you can’t pick yourself up that you get judged on, but the times you do.


Those times when you say ‘enough with that, I’m getting back in the saddle


These are the times you are showing your strength.


They are the times that pull you forward.


Follow them.


The other times are just life reminding us it’s here. The bumps are part of our life, the setbacks are all part of it. But don’t let a set-back be

your push back.  Just sit with it for a few days, rest up and then say right ‘enough, I’m back in the game’. Then get back in the game.


Any pressure you feel should come from yourself.


Don’t allow anyone else enter your mind and tell you how you should be feeling. You do NOT need to defend yourself or your actions to

anyone else.


But nor do you need to prove anything to anyone else.


If they are trying to pull you down it is themselves they are pulling down.


If they are trying to make you look bad it is because they already feel bad about themselves.


How they are to you is how they are feeling towards themselves.


Stay on your own path.


Fight your own fight.


Find your own way.


Focus on how you want to feel at the end of it all and don’t give up until you feel that!


Niamh xx


The Change Coach | Mindset Mentor


For honest, yet direct, Focused, yet fun and Challenging, yet achievable 1:1 Coaching




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