If you want it enough – it’s yours!



We read and hear about people starting their life over again, chasing their dreams, following their hearts desires and whether we admit it or not, we think, ‘yeah, but they don’t have the obstacles I have. They don’t have the responsibilities, or the financial challenges, or the partner who wouldn’t understand..or, or, or’ – I could go on!
But truthfully what really is the difference between us and them?
The difference is this – they want it more.
They want to shift out of this humdrum way of doing things, they want to go after their life long dreams, they want more from their life, they believe they deserve more and THEY are willing to do whatever they need to, to get it.
It’s that simple.
They also know that by pursuing what they want they are NOT walking away from their responsibilities, they are not ignoring their finances and they are not only turning away from those closest to them.
What they are doing is honouring themselves, their dreams and their lives.
They are trusting in something greater than themselves because they know they have to.
They are doing what feels fully aligned for them to do.
They are listening to the whispers of their soul.
They are being true to themselves
Not hiding from themselves
Not waiting until a better time because they know that doesn’t exist.
They are doing it because they want it badly enough.
So, ask yourself, why are you NOT doing it?
Because you are not.
Do you want it enough?
Can you admit you are only coming up with excuses?
Can you see there never will be a good time?
And can you see if you wanted this enough you would do it.
SO Do you want it enough?
Niamh xx ?
The Change Coach | Mindset Mentor | Creative Curator
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