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Choosing to make Changes in your life can be an incredibly lonely and challenging time. I want you to see that


you are not alone. I've been where you are and so let me guide you through your Change.




I love sharing my thoughts and learnings on all aspects of Change, whether it’s forced Change or self-selected.


I never wish to simplify the process of Change as I know only too well that Change can be hard. The


process of Change challenges us, taunts us, forces us into retreat and frustrates us but when we arrive at our


desired outcome it is utterly delicious.




I walk the walk and I have a long list of life Changes that I've undergone, and am still undergoing, as well as the


Changes that were foisted on me! These weren't particularly pleasant Changes but I am out the other side of


them now and willing to share the good and the bad with you.



We all fear Change and especially dealing with the Challenges (financial, personal etc) throughout the process


alone … but I'm here to tell you, you don't have to be alone!




Change is powerful for the soul and my soul is definitely singing since I embraced Change and stopped being


afraid of it! I wanted more from my life and I knew that to get it I needed to make lots of Changes. Which I'm


happy to say I have done and I want to share those stories with you.



Who knows they might inspire you to do more and be more also and they might even inspire you to share your


stories here too.




My LETTERS FOR CHANGE is a great way for us to interact and yet I promise not to inundate you with tonnes


of emails – only ones I know may be of interest to you! 



Choose Change, Choose You,



Niamh x