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Pre 2016 Business Owner Niamh Ennis was gathering up intelligence, life

experience and instruction in the Business & Not for Profit Sectors. 2000-

2010 she founded & operated Niamh Sheeran & Associates, a Fundraising

and Communications agency. She worked as Head of Fundraising &

Communications in The Alzheimer Society of Ireland where she remained

until 2015. She also completed a qualification in Counselling &



Following a traumatic series of close family bereavements, Niamh chose to

listen to her soul’s whispers and in 2016, she decided to take a year’s

sabbatical in Spain. During this time she retrained, upskilled and

discovered what truly lit her within. She left the ‘corporate 9-5 world’

behind with great ease.


Back in Dublin in 2017 and newly qualified as an Executive Leadership and

Life Coach, Niamh launched her business as The Change Coach and her

website was the final step in her commitment to her new career path



Her Private Coaching practice gathered momentum and she continued to

educate herself in the world of Coaching working with some of the finest

international mentors available.


2018 saw another house move to rural Ireland where, for now, the energy

felt right. During this year, she rolled out several digital products and training videos on the subject of change most notably ‘Create your Best Life

– Through Change’ & ‘Call Yourself a Writer’. This was the year she also did

so much real work on healing herself and putting her life back together. It

was painful but productive.


It was in May 2018, the week of her 50th birthday that she finally owned up

to what she always knew, she was a writer, and so began the process of

writing her first book. Title to be revealed!


Niamh’s Coaching business was evolving and she was being asked to work

with and mentor Soulpreneurs who wanted their businesses to have

meaning. Mindset Work was becoming the Number 1 thing that her clients

wanted from her and she rose to that challenge. She also provided Creative

Mentorship to those who wanted to push themselves creatively but lacked

the confidence and self-belief to do this.


Her intuitive mentoring and her coaching were ably straddling all of the

Practical Aspects of Business with the Spiritual calling within us all and this

was sitting beautifully with her clients.





2019 – Secures book deal and publishes her first book in a series of 4.


2019 – Creates a flagship Online Course providing support for those

embracing Change.


             Hires Full Time Admin Assistant


2020 – Launches her Membership Programme


2021 – Produce Stationery Line


              Consolidation of Business Dreams & Goals.



But I've discovered I'm good at it!

 A few kind words…



Well, honestly, whatever needs to.


I always say to clients 'the sessions go, where they need to go', we can't control

them. That's not to say that there isn't a structure that we follow, as there is,

but we keep the sessions in full flow, just as you want them.


What do you REALLY need?


We find out what the REAL issues are and also what's been tried before so we

can move quickly to deciding what needs to be done NOW.


Very often people come to me thinking they need to change one area of their

lives when the truth can reveal it’s another that needs attention. We go where

we need to go!




In order for us to clear the way and make room for new ways of doing things

we will always identify your fears and your limiting beliefs. We need to know

what is holding you back so we can move forward?


Do you know your WHY?


Your WHY is always your destination point. It’s what helps us get back up

when we falter during the process of change.


Without it we are literally headless chickens and who wants



Take Inspired Action


We can delve deep, we can talk it all through over and over, we can analyse

every step but unless we Take Inspired Action nothing will Change.








Work With Me

pictureLetters for Change

We all need help with Change. We need to know that we are not alone, that others have gone through this Change before us!

I love sharing my thoughts and advice on everything related to Change so that others will be inspired to see their Change through- whether it's Career, Life, Relationship, Creative or Soul Purpose Change. If you're sick of watching others change and totally fed up of settling for second best then you're totally in the right place. Sign up HERE to make sure you receive your Letters of Change each month!

You don't have to go through this alone!

Niamh x

I get so cross when I see posts or articles saying ‘Just do this and you will get this. It’s so simple’ especially from ‘leaders / gurus / experts’
claiming that it’s as easy as pie to make

When I sit in front of my blank page and wait for the inspiration to come and it doesn’t, I panic.

This doesn’t happen too often, thankfully, but it happens enough for me to have a stand by

Okay, we all know, by now, just how much I love to write.

I sit down and unleash whatever needs to come out. It’s part medicine, part crafting and part needing to empty the contents of my head,







































Vision Scoping


 ‘Vision Scoping’ is something I have been working on with my clients for quite a while now. It provides clarity and support to you when making your transformative life decisions and scoping your next steps.


It is both a tangible and practical bringing to life of your dreams, passions and what, up until now, you may have thought was the impossible.


By scoping out what your vision really is for you, and NOT what others had wanted for you, or expected of you, this is creating your own life at its finest.


You become the artist, the architect, the creator of all that you truly want in and from your life. You design your WHY. It is you who gets to unleash your vision.


You get to let it out.

Does this sound like something you would love to do?


Are you a little lost inside your head and you just don’t know for sure  ‘what you want to do next or where you should go to next’ in your life with your business, your relationships or your purpose?


If you feel you are missing the big picture, the bird’s eye view, the umbrella piece, then lets grab this opportunity and get you real clarity on this, once and for all.


We will define and determine your vision with an outline of next steps on what to do from here.

I have just 4 spots available for May.


May is not only my favourite month of the year but it is THE perfect month to scope out your vision in time for the second half of 2018.


Our time together will include a half-day Scoping Session,

All introductory and back up materials

Plus Four weeks of email support

AND a follow up post vision scoping 1:1 Vision Mentoring session.

How will you know if this is for you?


Well do you feel like you have decisions to make around your career or business, are you thinking it’s time to move, to challenge yourself?


Do you have a strong sense that you might be stuck in a rut but you have no idea how to shift out of it?


Does your life feel ‘safe’ have you been inside that comfort zone too long?

Are you fed up of watching others re-design their lives and you’re starting to think ‘why can’t that be me?’


Well it absolutely can!


A recent client said the following having worked with me 

’Niamh was like the brilliant friend that is always on your side but without the burden of having to be cautious with her findings or observations. Think of the most positive and encouraging pal you have, only then add straight talking and meaningful, unbiased advice. I can genuinely say I am so much happier since meeting with Niamh and from spending time with her over our sessions. Thanks so much for everything Niamh – you are so good at what you do. And you're an absolute gem of a human!’





Lets chat. No pressure, just a chat, to see if we think we could work together. What have you got to lose? Email me now –



Yes, Niamh, I'd love to chat some more about Scoping out MY Vision – just click below.


Time For Transformation




I help women feel heard, supported and feeling that they belong. I help them be who they want to be. I assist those who are searching for what they need to make real transformation in their lives, at work, in their relationships and most importantly with themselves.


I have created and designed this intimate one day workshop, to begin that process, so you might learn how to get out of your own way and live the life you know you deserve.


During this One-Day introductory workshop, Time for Transformation, I will walk you through the steps required for real transformation to take place, beginning with discovering your purpose, your WHY, defining your vision and, helping you remove the fears and blocks getting in your way. Together we will look at what we can do to mind, as well as change your mindset ensuring that you are fully living your most authentic life. We will examine the worth and value you place on yourself, and uncover the importance of learning to say no and set better boundaries for us to live our life by.


We all believe there will be a better time than now to transform our lives. When we feel happier, richer, thinner etc. but the truth of it is the best time for transformation is right now. So why don’t you give yourself the gift and declare yourself ready?















Let’s talk and see what we can do about that Change you’ve been thinking about for so long or how to manage the Change you never wanted but are left dealing with the fallout.

Complete the form to the left or email me directly at and I promise to reply within 72 hours (Sun-Thurs).



but you do have to want it.

I work 1:1 with clients via Skype / phone for global clients and also from my Dublin office.

Not sure where to start but want to invest in yourself and find your real purpose being here?